Frenchie's Pet Grooming....the end of an era

This pup is sad because Frenchie will no longer be coming to her home for her favorite monthly spa session. Yes it's true! Frenchie is no longer providing mobile grooming services in Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas.


Due to problems caused by severe pain in her hands, Frenchie was forced to sell her mobile salon-on-wheels and look for a new way to make pets lives better.

"Frenchie's Pack" ... humble beginnings for a new era!

  • Frenchie is going back to school to get certification for Dog Obediance 6-12 months she will begin taking on private clients who need assistance and hopes to volunteer some time when possible at nearby community shelters


And that's just the beginning...

In the coming months, Frenchie will begin the lengthy process to start a new non-profit organization to place trained rescue dogs and cats from local shelters in homes where elderly individuals starve for the companionship of a dog or cat, but are afraid of the "forever" committment and responsibility of taking on a new young or old pet.


Dogs and cats from Frenchie's Pack will be "fostered" in the homes of selected individuals who will be assisted regularly where necessary, in all aspects of the proper care and lifelong needs of "their" dog or cat, including a clear "continuation of life" strategy for the surviving pet or owner should either pass away.


With Frenchie's Pack, the question of "what will happen to my baby when I am gone," will never again stand in the way of the healing and comforting bond between pet and owner.


Look here regularly for more news about Frenchie's Pack!