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The Convenience of Mobile Pet Grooming

Frenchie's Pet Grooming is a complete mobile pet grooming salon on wheels serving Port St. Lucie, southern Fort Pierce, Palm City, and northern Stuart. Frenchie pampers your pets at your doorstep in her one-year-old state-of-the-art Wag'nTails mobile grooming conversion van, made-to-order by the leader in mobile grooming van conversions.  


A certified Pet Groomer and Pet Hygienist, Frenchie specializes in personalized low-stress grooming techniques to make sure your four-legged family members are never pushed too far beyond their comfort zone in order to gradually accustom them by positive reinforcement to the healthful benefits and necessity of a regular grooming routine. But that's not all...


Becoming certified in pet CPR and First Aid wasn't enough for Frenchie. She became a Pet CPR and First Aid instructor so she could offer that extra measure of safety by teaching pet parents the proper techniques and first aid actions to take before they can get to the vet or animal hospital when pet emergenices occur. 


Licensed and insured with the most comprehensive insurance in the industry, your precious baby and your property are protected whenever Frenchie grooms your pet. 

Why you'll love Frenchie

  • The convenience of mobile grooming
  • Competitive pricing with even the big chain stores
  • Convenient scheduling by phone or e-mail
  • Dealing with the same caring professional each visit
  • All-natural quality salon products used standard
  • Safe & sanitary grooming environment
  • Payment by cash or credit card
  • Her connection with your pet will become obvious


Why your pets will love Frenchie

  • No waiting or drying cages ever used
  • Climate-controlled sanitized environment
  • No contact with other stranger dogs
  • Low-stress grooming pace & gentle touch
  • One-on-one personalized service from A-Z
  • Always the same groomer
  • Ability to build trusting pet-to-groomer bond
  • Hugs & kisses included free of charge


The top 10 reasons why it may cost more for Frenchie to cut your dog's hair than it does for your own haircut!

10. You don't have to be kept on a leash to keep you from running away...."Stay!" "Sit!"


9. You don't go eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair..."Oh-là-là Ça Pue!!!"


8. Your hairdresser doesn't clean the boogies from your eyes.



7. Your hairdresser doesn't pluck and clean out your ears.


6. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a four-footed pedicure after you've been walking barefoot for eight weeks.


5. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a full body bath with special attention paid to your rear end..."Oh-là-là quel beau derrière!"


4. Your hairdresser only cuts the hair on your head. Your haircut doesn't include shaping your face, cutting inside and outside on long floppy ears, shaving or scissoring your body hair, shaving or scissoring your leg hair, shaving or scissoring under your "arms."


3. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a shave or a trim in your "Private Parts"...."Attention...bouge pas!"


2. You don't howl in the hairdresser's chair and you probably have never scratched or bit your hairdresser..."Merde alors!"


Drum roll please...and the number one reason is...


1. You are much less likely to pee or poop on your hairdresser!..."Ah merde!...Pas encore!"


All kidding aside, Frenchie's prices are competitive with even the big chain store groomers, and they just can't touch Frenchie's one-on-one personalized, low-stress grooming service. For complete pricing info click here.



Frenchie's Referral Program is discontinued after saving hundreds of customers a total of over $1K in savings!

Wishing to service all of her customers in a timely manner, Frenchie regrets to inform you that due to scheduling constraints, she is discontinuing her $10 Off Doggy Dollars Coupon Referral Program.


This popular program has saved Frenchie's customers over $1000 since it's inception, and was just one more way Frenchie showed her appreciation for your loyalty. That's putting your money where your mouth is!


A big pat on the head, and scratch on the tummy for all of you who participated and saved. Sorry it couldn't go on forever. Thanks as always for your continued support and friendship.